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#1275 uSD partition damaged after reboot reopened mrmoku defect blocker
#1548 [efl] it should not be possible to move icons with the not-default illume-home module reopened jordanhearme defect blocker shr-2012.07
#1758 meta-bug for suspend on gta02(kernel issue) assigned GNUtoo defect blocker shr-2012.07
#1791 many SIGILLs on armv4t when GOLD is used new GNUtoo defect blocker shr-2012.07
#1101 nodm always logs in as root new ainulindale defect critical wishlist
#1282 Cannot receive SMS messages new mrmoku defect critical
#1709 no audio in handset during call new mrmoku defect critical
#2022 GTA04: battery does not provide any data new mrmoku defect critical shr-2012.07
#2088 Qi from staging feed no. 114 does not boot on GTA02 new mrmoku defect critical
#2096 X crashes after suspend, kernel bug? new TAsn defect critical
#214 Timezone is lost across reboots, clock shifts reopened ainulindale defect major
#687 Add support for MMS messages new TAsn defect major
#701 SIP Voip Client new spaetz enhancement major wishlist
#736 No (clear) way to show sim auth dialog after aborting it assigned TAsn defect major
#763 Adding an hoversel to select type of field to the field page assigned tasn task major
#772 kill off oeventsd accepted TAsn task major
#778 Ability to delete multiple messages accepted RuiSeabra enhancement major
#780 locale settings not pinned into /etc/profile new ainulindale defect major
#781 consider using nscd always (or when gprs is active) new ainulindale enhancement major wishlist
#791 intone-video misses mplayer-video new spaetz defect major
#798 please package minisip new spaetz enhancement major
#799 aircrack-ng packaging request new spaetz enhancement major wishlist
#800 kismet packaging request new spaetz enhancement major wishlist
#815 daemons aren't automatically restarted when they crash new mrmoku defect major
#829 window stack confused when an app is full screen and a call comes in new ainulindale defect major
#854 Remove unintended sleep while upgrading - and possibly pave the way for Ksplice use new ainulindale enhancement major wishlist
#864 openzim / zimreader new spaetz enhancement major wishlist
#909 SHR has no working input system for Chinese characters new ainulindale defect major
#913 Windows and desktops new daniel defect major
#927 Allow copying or moving messages & contacts from SIM to sqlite assigned Heinervdm enhancement major
#928 Show a window with buttons in non-default position after a call new ainulindale enhancement major
#936 Add country selection to the wizard new dos task major
#944 Problem with cacao VM new spaetz defect major wishlist
#969 Silence phone on incoming calls accepted mrmoku enhancement major
#973 orrery fails to start when locale set new spaetz defect major wishlist
#980 xchat double click on link should open ventura new ainulindale defect major wishlist
#1022 Popup a dialog when screen is undimmed too fast accepted TAsn enhancement major
#1033 Outgoing messages should be queued new ainulindale defect major
#1044 Speech to call new mrmoku enhancement major wishlist
#1046 Set login-cookie for * new TAsn defect major wishlist
#1062 pim contacts application sort order new mrmoku enhancement major wishlist
#1064 Illume shelf gadget for right or middle click accepted TAsn enhancement major wishlist
#1071 Listen to NameOwnerChanged signals accepted mrmoku defect major
#1076 libegl-dev not installable in shr-testing assigned Heinervdm defect major
#1097 Search/Filter contacts by typing new TAsn enhancement major
#1113 Can't use dns with iliwi new ainulindale defect major
#1118 can't lock from Quick-settings if auto-dimming forbidden new mrmoku defect major
#1129 MPlayer can't play sound: Device or resource busy new mrmoku defect major
#1132 no error message when sending an SMS to phonenumbers that contain spaces new ainulindale defect major
#1149 [mplayer] no video new ainulindale defect major
#1159 bluetoothd no longer started on bluetooth activation accepted mrmoku defect major
#1181 Dictator doesn't recrd at all new mrmoku defect major wishlist
#1187 vala-terminal colors change sometimes new ainulindale defect major
#1191 testing: cron is taking 100% CPU new ainulindale defect major
#1193 illume2 often gets confused about the on-screen keyboard state new ainulindale defect major
#1195 display sometimes stays semi-dimmed even when tapped on new ainulindale defect major
#1196 phone suspends even when connected to USB new ainulindale defect major
#1218 Sending a SMS does not give any feedback to the user and/or closes new mrmoku enhancement major
#1221 Settings->Other->Userspare Backup should include all ~/.*/ new ainulindale enhancement major wishlist
#1226 very bad audio for the other end during call new ainulindale defect major
#1228 Hardware clock not accessible reopened mrmoku defect major
#1244 platform_battery driver not working new mrmoku defect major wishlist
#1253 ffalarms does not wake up from suspend new mrmoku defect major
#1256 Can't use matchbox-keyboard in illume2 new mrmoku defect major
#1257 no resume after suspend new mrmoku defect major
#1263 Setting->Connectivity settings not saved new mrmoku defect major wishlist
#1271 gpe-calendar month-view fonts far too large new spaetz enhancement major
#1281 GPRS "Couldn't Connect to FSO" error assigned defect major
#1291 SMS sending with recepit request ends with Timeout was reached new mrmoku defect major
#1293 Launch took ages when you change launcher new TAsn defect major
#1310 Cannot create new contact from phonelog new mrmoku defect major
#1311 Image information not shown new mrmoku defect major
#1312 Cannot create new contact from ffphonelog reopened TAsn defect major
#1435 Connection Manager kicks working /etc/resolv.conf new TAsn defect major
#1444 Dialer crashes/freezes on accepting incoming call new mrmoku defect major
#1489 shr-settings: ajusting the ringtone volume has no effects new mrmoku defect major
#1500 [shr-core] iliwi doesn't work with tkip new mrmoku defect major
#1516 phoeui-XXXX programs won't start after crash new mrmoku defect major
#1524 [shr-core] kernel panic after flashing full...ubi with dfu-util new mrmoku defect major
#1572 Contacts imported from sim after delay and doubled. new mrmoku defect major
#1593 Installation description for Nexus S is needed new morphis task major shr-2012.07
#1596 errors due to timeouts on certain SD Cards new mrmoku defect major
#1605 Notes missing "open file" option assigned dos enhancement major wishlist
#1626 No automatic suspend without SIM new mrmoku defect major
#1638 dbus is unable to launch obexd service on demand new mrmoku defect major
#1664 Autosuspend not working new daniel defect major shr-2012.07
#1729 navit transparence issues on 16bit framebuffers new mrmoku defect major
#1748 Opening contacts first time will give wrong feedback new mrmoku enhancement major
#1809 firefox segfault on armv7 new mrmoku defect major
#1849 Charging via usb cable does not work for gta04 accepted slyon defect major
#1852 Missing dependency for Eve new mrmoku defect major
#1869 python-curses is incomplete new mrmoku defect major
#1870 shr-settings shows no gps satellites until a fix is found new mrmoku defect major
#1917 Eve crashes on startup after the first run new mrmoku defect major
#1938 rotating the screen causes text to shrink in some apps new mrmoku defect major
#1968 Am I a spammer? :D new mrmoku defect major
#2010 057: enligntenment crashed earyly on startup and has been restarted new mrmoku defect major
#2013 /sys/kernel/security is missing new JaMa defect major shr-2012.07
#2016 shr-settings GPRS issue on om-gta02 and om-gta04 new mrmoku defect major
#2017 gta02 GPRS: ifdown usb0 is necessary for GPRS to work new mrmoku defect major
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